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Take a trip back in Time with one of Delaware's Founding Fathers - Caesar Rodney

Updated: 6 days ago

Learn the rich history of Delaware

Take a Trip Back in Time with Caesar Rodney, a Delaware Founding Father

Join us on June 15th for an engaging live class presented by the Institute of the Constitution. This unique event, led by Institute President Larry Mayo, will delve into the rich history of Delaware and the United States as we commemorate the 248th Anniversary of Separation Day.

Event Details:

  • Date and Time: Saturday, June 15th, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

  • Location: Georgetown Public Library, 123 West Pine Street, Georgetown, DE

  • Admission: Free, but seating is limited. Register today!

What to Expect:

Larry Mayo, President of the Institute of the Constitution, will guide attendees through the fascinating history of Delaware’s founding. Learn about the pivotal moments and key figures, including Delaware’s own Caesar Rodney, who played a crucial role in the birth of our nation. This live class offers a rare opportunity to explore the early days of American independence and understand the significant contributions of Delaware to the United States.

Why Attend?

  • Deepen Your Historical Knowledge: Gain insights into the events and people that shaped Delaware and the United States.

  • Engaging Presentation: Larry Mayo’s expertise and passion for history will bring the past to life.

  • Community Connection: Connect with fellow history enthusiasts and celebrate a momentous occasion in American history.

Register Today!

Seating for this special event is limited, so make sure to secure your spot by registering today. Don’t miss this chance to step back in time and honor the legacy of our Founding Fathers.

For more information and to register, visit [Institute of the Constitution's Event Page].

Celebrate history with us and become part of the ongoing story of American independence!

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