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Don't miss the deadline for the Presidential Primary Election on "April 2nd!

Other Election Dates:

  • 5/14   School Board

  • 9/10   Statewide Primary

  • 11/05 Statewide General

Everyone you know over the age of 18:            

  • must be a registered voter

  • must know where they go to vote

  • must know when they can vote early

  • must know how to verify that their registered party is REPUBLICAN

Vote Ballet

Want to serve your community and make some money? This is your opportunity to participate in the electoral process! Work At The Polls.


Bank Your Vote

To vote Republican in the primary, you must be a registered Republican by February 2nd at 11:59 p.m.


To register new voters, review your registration, make updates, or request an absentee ballot, please search for your record by entering your information using the link below.


Join our team and help us make a difference in Delaware's 39th District. We need passionate individuals who are willing to help us with canvassing, phone banking, event planning, and more. Whether you have a few hours or a few days a week, we would love to have you on our team.

  • Join our cause 

  • Donate to support our initiatives,

  • Show your pride with Republican apparel

  • Become an EDC

Want to Register?  We can help.

Thank you. We'll be in contact.


Your support drives our mission to uphold conservative values, back local candidates, and fortify our community. With your contribution, you actively shape the future of our district while safeguarding our fundamental principles

The Election District Committeeman / Woman (EDC) is key to the success of the Republican Party, our Republican Candidates, and consequently the conditions in the state of Delaware.  This powerful position is indirectly responsible for electing the Chair of the Republican National Committee, directly for the Delaware State Republican Party and the local Region Chair and the rest of the Executive Committee.  This includes who will serve as their Representative District Chair.

Show your support by purchasing Republican Apparel

Institute On The Constitution
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