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Protest US Wind at Bethany Beach Town Hall Tuesday 3/12 3p-7p

Updated: Jun 11

The Bethany Beach Town Council is again welcoming foreign owned US Wind to their Town Hall to showcase US Wind's biased presentation of their plan to bring high voltage electrical cables from the Maryland-offshore-wind-turbine project onto Delaware State Park 3 R's Beach, with a direct collision course with numerous baby horseshoe crab nurseries in the Rehoboth Bay, disrupting their environment with a barrage electromagnetic pulses and deafening sound waves.

At the upcoming Bethany Beach Town Hall to be held on Tuesday 3/12/24, US Wind plans to present the "recreational" impacts of offshore wind turbines. Despite the extensive evidence that offshore wind farms devastate marine mammals, migrating birds, is toxic to the environment and is in no way "green" except for the color of the money US Wind will collect from Delaware residents, Governor Carney is welcoming foreign owned US Wind with open arms and giving them the green light to lease Delaware state land on 3R's beach, without addressing citizens' concerns, without a vote, and without the consent of the people.

US Wind plans only to address the high voltage electrical cables that they want to bring ashore onto Delaware land at this public "informational" exposition. Yes, the construction surrounding the "underground" cables WILL be visible on the beach and a structure will be built to house the mechanics on the State Park of 3Rs Beach as well as a parking structure. Despite the plan to bury high voltage cables in the sand, there is no guarantee that the high voltage cables will REMAIN underground, as they have not in other places where offshore wind cables have come ashore onto the beach. US Wind just hopes YOU will bury your HEAD in the sand. Sorry, US Wind, Delawareans are Fighting Blue Hens, not ostriches!

Bringing offshore cable onto the beach by Vineyard Wind, Martha's Vineyard

DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin has stated on the DNREC website that the Department is committed to engaging the public to the greatest extent possible throughout the project’s development. Despite this statement, this presentation will NOT "engage the public" and allow public comment or questions, rather, it will be a one sided silent display of their well polished though misleading propaganda informational posters.

“US Wind’s proposal to bring transmission lines ashore in Delaware, along with Gov. Carney’s announcement about negotiating a potential lease, have generated considerable public interest,” Secretary Garvin said. “While the formal permitting process is ongoing, this public engagement event provides us an opportunity to share how this discrete portion of project will impact recreational aspects at the park.”

However, this sharing of information is ONE way. They talk, they don't listen. How do we know it is a one sided presentation and that their words to engage the public don't equate to action of genuine discourse? Because US Wind declined to attend a public townhall organized by the 38th Representative Ron Gray and Senator Gerald Hocker that was scheduled for February 29th. US Wind is NOT interested in answering questions from the public, only disseminating a false narrative, which they desire to control. This political dog and pony show will be anything but informational or genuine. It is merely a display of condescending faux deference to the illusion of the genuine desire to interact with the voters and citizens of Delaware.

Our US Constitution has given us a voice in just such circumstances, and that is the legal assembly of the citizenry. The right of the citizens to assemble and protest is so vital to a free nation, that it is our FIRST Amendment right. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Plan to peacefully protest against offshore wind turbines at Bethany Beach Town Hall 3/12/24 3-7pm

Therefore, if you would like to send a message to the Bethany Beach Council, DNREC, Governor Carney and foreign owned US Wind, then plan to attend this dis-informational public event this Tuesday 3-7pm and bring your Stop-Offshore-Wind-Farms signs. Concerned citizens made a great showing at the January Bethany Beach town meeting that discussed accepting hush money from foreign owned US Wind, and we can come out again! Bring your friends, your family, and your neighbors. If we don't fight for our beaches, our economic choices, and for the marine animals who can't fight for themselves, no one else will. It's now or never, Delaware, stop offshore wind!

Would you like Stop Offshore Wind yard signs? Order them here and share with your neighbors! Purchase Stop Offshore Wind postcards and mail your thoughts to Governor Carney!



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