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The Offshore Wind Turbine Controversy: Sussex County's Burden

Wind Farm Issue In New Jersey - Map

Lately, there's been a lot of chatter here in Sussex County about the offshore wind turbine project. It's important to understand the implications of this Maryland initiative and how it impacts us in Delaware. Essentially, this project benefits Maryland while Delaware bears the brunt of the costs, both economically and environmentally.

The Core Issue

This offshore wind turbine project is designed to provide electricity for Maryland. However, the turbines are positioned off the coast of Delaware. This placement means that cables will cross our beaches and bays, potentially increasing electricity prices for us without any corresponding decrease in costs. Moreover, the promised green energy benefits are dubious, as the project poses significant environmental risks to our ocean and marine life.

The Environmental Cost

Contrary to the green energy narrative, the environmental cost of these wind turbines is substantial. Marine ecosystems are delicate, and the installation of these massive structures disrupts the natural habitat. The construction and maintenance of the turbines can harm marine life, potentially leading to long-term ecological damage. This is an all-cost, no-benefit deal for Delaware, except for the foreign company US Wind, which stands to gain enormous profits through taxpayer subsidies.

The Financial Impact

US Wind, the company behind the project, is poised to reap substantial financial rewards from these subsidies. My prediction is that after securing these upfront funds, US Wind will likely abandon the project within a decade, leaving behind a graveyard of rusting turbines and cement foundations. This scenario not only wastes taxpayer money but also leaves Delaware to deal with the aftermath.

A Broader Issue: New Jersey's Struggle

This problem isn't confined to Delaware. Our neighbors in New Jersey are facing a similar situation. A press conference is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, 2024, at 10:00 am at South Belmont Avenue & Boardwalk near the Ritz Condominiums in Atlantic City. This event will address the Green Acres Diversion and the detrimental impact of state control of Atlantic City land for wind cables.

The Fight in Atlantic City

Atlantic Shores, another wind turbine project, seeks permits to install high voltage cables and transformers on designated Green Acres parkland. This plan would industrialize the beach and boardwalk areas, running high-voltage cables through residential neighborhoods. To proceed, Atlantic Shores needs the Atlantic City government to remove Green Acres protection and place other city-owned lands under state control.

This proposal is disastrous for Atlantic City residents. The community has nothing to gain and much to lose. The five experimental wind turbines in Atlantic City, operational for 17 years, have failed to prove their efficacy. No peer-reviewed studies have confirmed their ability to produce sufficient electricity or save fossil fuel to justify their environmental impact, including the killing of migratory birds.

The Call to Action

We must stand against these offshore wind projects. The lack of transparent data and scientific analysis on the existing turbines makes it reckless to expand this initiative. Building hundreds of wind turbines in the ocean without understanding the performance of the five land-based turbines is akin to administering an untested medication on a large scale.


The residents of Atlantic City and Sussex County must deny these applications and oppose this environmental and economic injustice. This fight isn't just local—it's a battle up and down the East Coast. We need to take a firm stand to protect our communities and environment from these poorly planned and potentially harmful projects.


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