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Protecting Delaware Beaches

A Call for Responsibility in Offshore Wind Farm Development

Protect Our Coast

US Wind's fervent advocacy for offshore wind farms raises concerns among Delawareans, prompting local representatives to propose measures ensuring accountability. Senators Hocker and Rep. Gray aim to protect Delaware's coast by requiring US Wind to financially commit to decommissioning and environmental remediation efforts.

Despite US Wind's claims of environmental friendliness, the realities of offshore wind turbine maintenance raise questions. Each turbine requires significant amounts of oil, concrete, and ongoing maintenance costs, challenging the notion of green energy. To address these concerns, Senators Hocker and Rep. Gray propose a joint resolution mandating pre-construction decommissioning bonds and environmental protections.

FACT: Offshore wind turbines consume oil and like any machine, they break down, especially in the saltwater conditions of the Atlantic Ocean. Each wind turbine requires anywhere between 80 to 900 gallons of oil each, depending on manufacturer's specifications. The oil mist be changed every 500 hours or annually depending on specifications. incidentally it will take about 18,857 gallons of fuel oil to construct one windmill. If 114 windmills are constructed it will require over 2 million gallons of fuel oil for service boats to service them annually.

FACT: Offshore wind turbines are not so green. it is estimated that it would take about 850-900 cubic yards of concrete for a slab foundation for each structure, each footing will be 25-35 feet deep and be 14-16 feet in diameter. To maintain each wind turbine, it will cost between 42-48 thousand dollars annually.

Delawareans can take action to safeguard their coastlines by getting involved in local initiatives. If you would like to get more involved to stop the offshore slice-and-dice wind turbines, email . This is what you can do:

  1. Call all voters who reside in Bethany Beach and South Bethany to inform them of the pro-turbine contract that the mayors and the beach town council members are contemplating accepting. Email for more information on how to do this.

  2. Email the Bethany Beach and South Bethany Mayors. See emails here.

  3. Pick up a Protect Our Coast yard sign, spread the word!

  4. Snail mail Governor Carney - we have easy to use postcards pre-made!

Together, we can ensure responsible development and preservation of Delaware's natural beauty.

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