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Congratulations to Seaford High School Graduates from the 39th District

The 39th District congratulates the Seaford High School Class of 2024 on their graduation! We commend you for your hard work, dedication, and perseverance. As you embark on new journeys, remember the valuable lessons shared by your ceremony speakers: strive towards your goals with determination, give back to your community, and approach life with compassion. Your achievements today are just the beginning of the positive impact you will make in the world. Best wishes for a bright and successful future!

Seaford Graduation

Seaford High graduates urged to work hard, give back and show compassion

The Seaford High School commencement for the class of 2024 was held last Friday in Seaford. The class was welcomed by Dr. Susan Harrison, Seaford High School principal, who spoke for the administration in recognizing local dignitaries in attendance which included Mayor Matt MacCoy; council members Dr. Stephanie Grassett, Dan Henderson, and Alan Quillen; school board members Dara Laws Savage and Armore Rice Jr., and board president Kimberly Hopkins; County Council President Michael Vincent; and Blades mayor Rev. Dr. Pierre Gaither, Sr. 

A common theme of working hard for goals, giving back to the community, and compassion were spoken of in different ways by ceremony speakers. The class salutatorian Adilene Quezada-Castrejon will continue her education at the University of Delaware in the nursing program. Castrejon spoke to the crowd in both English and Spanish and in an emotional speech thanked her parents. Castrejon spoke to her classmates about the value of having unwavering support through tough times and allowing that support system to push them beyond their limits. 

“Looking to the crowd I see my classmates. Whoever thought today would be the last day I see classmates together,” she said. Castrejon told her classmates to look around and “dab up” the person next to them as it may be the last time you see each other. Castrejon thanked everyone for supporting the class on their graduation day.

The valedictorian, Marlie Janvier, will attend University of Delaware and enter the nursing program. Janvier said, “Tonight is not only a night of celebration and honor for the class of 2024 it is also a step that is being taken to the next chapter of our lives.” Janvier spoke of her gratitude, “First and foremost I’d like to thank God for the reason we are all here tonight. This opportunity that I have to share these last words to the class of 2024 was one that God made possible. Yes, I put in the work, had resources and support but at the end of the day, it is with God it all came together

Janvier spoke to her parents, “You have shown me what hard work, dedication, and self-discipline can get you.” Janvier’s parents immigrated to the U.S. over 20 years ago. “I’ve seen you create a beautiful life for yourself and our family,” she told them.

Janvier thanked her teachers and then spoke to future high school students in the crowd. “I encourage you to confide in an adult you trust, they are all here to help you achieve your goals,” and added, “a support system will help you get through trials and tribulations you face. Having support in the form of family and friends can help motivate you and inspire you.” 

Janvier said the class’ journey had troubling struggles primarily due to COVID-19 but believes, “many of us made unforgettable memories in the past four years and others may want to leave and never come back.” Janvier told her classmates that with change comes personal growth, “Remember something good for you in the long term won’t always be easy in the present. The struggle you have now will bring a result in the future. Many people are quick to do the bare minimum but I must tell each of you here tonight, if there is anything you truly want to accomplish, you must give your absolute all. Bare minimum in the real world simply won’t get you far, it might get you somewhere but not to your destination.”

Janvier was candid in her words, “Your laziness could be the very thing that may keep you from your future endeavors. Each of you have the potential to succeed, please do not waste it.”

In conclusion Janvier said, “To every graduate here tonight, with my whole entire heart, I am proud of each and every one of you sitting in front of me. I am proud of you and the class of 2024, you should be proud of yourself.”

Kimberly Hopkins, school board president, presented a message acknowledging the struggles the class faced through COVID.  Hopkins said to the class, “It is not where you start, but where you finish,” and encouraged them as they enter a new life, “ask questions, have a spirit of inquiry to learn new things, and most of all be patient with yourself as you continue to grow.”

Superintendent Dr. Sharon DiGirolamo told the graduates, “I am filled with immense pride and admiration for each one of you. Your journey through SHS is a testament to your hard work, resilience, and growth.” DiGirolamo said the time spent in high school is much about their impact they have made on their friends and encouraged them, “as you step into the next phase of your life remember the values that have shaped you honesty, empathy, and curiosity.” 

DiGirolamo added, “Life is a series of challenges and opportunities and how you respond to them is what defines your journey. Embrace challenges with courage, approach others with kindness and understanding, and never lose your curiosity and passion for learning. Make a difference in whatever you choose to pursue as you embark on the next chapter in your lives, remember success is not about personal achievements but also contributing meaningfully to the world around you. May your dreams be bold, your actions compassionate, and your impact lasting.”

Harrison spoke of the four years of hard work that brought everyone to this moment in time, “We are here to celebrate you and your achievements. Can you see all the love, joy, and pride given to you today? I am so thankful to be a small part of your journey and very grateful to your families for welcoming me to SHS. I love this job.”

Harrison said of the class, “You guys have an inherent kindness, a goodness that you guys like to keep buried. I see the doors you hold open for your classmates, laughter in the halls, the way you care for younger siblings.” 

Harrison said, “believe in yourself and ask for help and accept it, and give those who ask.” Harrison concluded, “You can always come home back to your roots, back to your school.”

Seaford celebrated the academic top ten who are: Janvier, Quezada-Castrejon, Elyssa Bivens, Hannah Crook, Jakob Keglovits, Evan Metzner, Alaina Neese, Piper Rush, Evan Truitt, and Scarlet Wheatley.

The class of 2024 officers are Paris Penn, Alaina Neese, Kelsey Carranza-Celayos, Woodline Dutervil, Madison Davis, and Devina Croft. Class president Paris Penn led her classmates in the changing of the tassel and then the mortars were thrown ceremoniously into the air to complete the ceremony. 

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