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Shupe Campaign Kickoff 2024 - State House 36th District

"The opportunities to improve our communities are all around us. We must be bold enough to look past our own learned realities and understand the challenges we face as if we are experiencing them for the first time."

- Bryan Shupe

As a local business owner, CEO of a statewide news network, and State Representative, Bryan Shupe has worked to jumpstart our local economy through community-driven solutions.

The passion to improve the quality of life in Milford drove Bryan to start his own business in his hometown and create the city’s first hyperlocal community-driven media outlet, called Milford Live. As traditional newspaper filled pages with police and fire reports, Shupe used an all-digital platform he created to focus on the positive outcomes from innovative businesses, nonprofits, and community leaders. Since, he has become CEO of Delaware LIVE News netowrk that covers statewide, local news and live streams local high school sports.

"The role of a leader is to act as the catalyst that brings together people to listen, think, and act in ways that improve the lives of their neighbors."

-Bryan Shupe

Hope to see you at the Campaign Kickoff!

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