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Radicalized Dems Demand Senator Hocker Apologize

Updated: Mar 19

The radical progressive left that has infiltrated our government cannot stand to have any other agenda and opinion other than the ones dictated to them by their own delusions and their Biden administration overlord. March 5th was a sad State of the State address, with disruptive protestors and then the arrogant and shameless pushing through of non-partisan Senate Resolutions during the Senate session, which was a direct affront to the republican and democrat senators who were actually working together toward forming better bills for the common good of Delaware citizens.

In response to this, yesterday in a press release and on an interview with Mike Bradley on WGMD, Senate Minority Leader Senator Gerald Hocker appropriately called out this bullying behavior, of the protestors and of the tyrannical methods of the majority party of ramming through single party bills, such as SB2 to require firearms training, which goes against the 2A, that only align with a radical fringe of our state for their own progressive and White House driven agenda. In response to Senator Hocker speaking the truth, the angry progressives attacked, in this case, it was the democrat Senate leadership that struck back.

The Delaware State Senate Democratic Caucus Released Facebook Statement

Senate President Pro Tempore Sen. Dave Sokola, Senate Majority Leader Bryan Townsend, and Senate Majority Whip Sen. Elizabeth "Tizzy" Lockman issued a joint statement today calling on Senate Minority Leader Gerald Hocker to apologize for his remarks concerning protestors at Tuesday’s State of the State Address:

"Although the interruption of Governor Carney’s State of the State speech on Tuesday by protestors concerned with the loss of innocent life in Gaza may have been uncomfortable and unprecedented, the Senate Republican leader's subsequent demonization and dehumanization of the protestors is truly disturbing.

Senate Minority Leader Gerald Hocker yesterday referred to the protestors as “supporters of the terrorist organization Hamas." Not only is Senator Hocker's charge baseless, it is also dangerously Islamophobic on its face. Not since the days following September 11, 2001, have we seen the kind of hate speech that Senator Hocker used this week to equate Delawareans with terrorists simply because of their appearance, faith, or political views. No one, especially someone who purports to be a leader, should characterize protests about the loss of innocent life as acts supportive of terrorism.

The tragedy of October 7 and the ongoing war in Gaza has led to a reprehensible spike in hate speech and physical attacks against both Muslim- and Jewish-Americans. Threats or language inviting threats have no place in our public discourse, let alone in the halls of our democracy from a legislative leader.

We unequivocally call on Sen. Hocker to apologize for fanning the flames of hate against Muslim-Delawareans, and to make that apology on the floor of the Senate. Beyond that, we also urge him and his Republican colleagues to dial back their rhetoric and refrain from making dangerous and distorted false equivalencies between those who peacefully petition their government and the horrific terrorism of Hamas.”

Minority Leader Senator Hocker's Earlier Press Release

DOVER, DE - On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, Senator Gerald Hocker (R-Ocean View) issued the following statement regarding the interruptions during Governor John Carney’s State of the State Address and two of the resolutions that were debated during Senate session:

"In the nearly 22 years that I have served in the Delaware General Assembly, yesterday, March 5, 2024, was by far the most disgusting I have seen. Governor John Carney delivered his annual State of the State Address to members of the legislature, cabinet officials, and residents throughout Delaware. Despite the political differences members of either party may share with our state’s chief executive, we are always respectful and receptive to what he or she has had to say.

Unfortunately, far-left supporters of the terrorist organization Hamas interrupted Governor Carney multiple times. They were rightly escorted out of the building and I thank the men and women of law enforcement present, as well as the House Chamber’s sergeant of arms, for their swift action. No doubt, the childish antics of Representative Madinah Wilson-Anton during her outburst at Vice-President Kamala Harris’s holiday party served as a precedent to what we saw yesterday.

Not to be outdone, Senate Majority Leader Bryan Townsend (D-Townsend) displayed the most egregious and overt show of political strong-arming I have ever seen. For the past five months, Senator Eric Buckson (R-South Dover) has been working with the Democratic chairs of the House and Senate Education committees, and members of Delaware’s education community, on a resolution to establish a task force to explore solutions to behavior and discipline issues in our state’s public schools. A half hour before session, Senator Townsend met with Senator Buckson and told him he was going to introduce his own bureaucracy-laden version of Senator Buckson’s resolution.

During floor debate, members of the Senate Democratic Caucus behind Senator Townsend were visibly uncomfortable with what was transpiring. Eight Democrats had signed on to Senator Buckson’s resolution as either prime or co-sponsors, including three in the Senate. Regardless, they followed their marching orders and passed Senator Townsend’s resolution and refused to support Senator Buckson’s, which was originally slated to be brought forth on Thursday.

Washington DC political tactics and rhetoric have largely been absent from Legislative Hall. However, between what happened yesterday and the Senate Democratic leadership’s unhinged statement following the Delaware Superior Court’s ruling on the early voting and permanent absentee laws, it is apparent DC partisanship has now entered Delaware politics."


Do YOU Think Senator Hocker Should Apologize?

Please share your thoughts below (bottom of page) and take a moment to let these senators know what YOU have to say!

Senator Gerald Hocker - Senate Minority Leader

Senator Dave Sokola - President Pro Tempore

Senator Bryan Townsend - Senate Majority Leader

Senator Elizabeth Lockman - Senate Majority Whip



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