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Lost History is Found in Recent Renaming of Little League Complex

This Friday, June 14th, marks a poignant moment as the Nanticoke Little League complex is finally renamed after the late Henry Alfred Morris, a man whose legacy stretches far beyond the confines of a baseball field. The decision to honor Morris, made over half a century ago, was nearly forgotten until Jim Bowden, spurred by historical research, unearthed the promise made in the 1970s.

Little League

Henry Morris's story is one of resilience and service. A World War II veteran, he survived a harrowing ordeal when his plane went down behind enemy lines in Germany. His subsequent rescue and return home to Seaford, Delaware, marked the beginning of a life dedicated to family, community, and the love of the game.

Morris's devotion to the Nanticoke Little League was unparalleled. As its president and groundskeeper, he poured his heart and soul into ensuring the smooth operation of the league, often sacrificing personal time and dinners with his family to be there for the kids. His children fondly remember his unwavering commitment and the impact he had on their lives.

Despite his passing, Henry Morris's spirit lives on in the hearts of those he touched. His children speak of his humility, his love for the community, and his selfless dedication to making a difference. As the complex is renamed in his honor, it serves as a testament to his legacy and the values he embodied.

This Friday's ceremony is not just about renaming a ballpark; it's about honoring a man who epitomized the best of humanity. It's a promise made and a promise kept—a fitting tribute to a true hero.

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