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Delaware Beach Towns to Meet this Thursday

Updated: Mar 19

The Association of Coastal Towns (ACT) is meeting this Thursday, 2/1/2024 in a closed meeting. It is IMPERATIVE that everyone reading this take a moment to email the mayors of these Delaware beach towns to inform them WHY we do not support windfarms off our Delaware coast AND that we do not approve of any ACT town mayor agreeing to a 20 year contract with foreign owned US Wind to accept money in exchange for remaining silent on the environmental, financial and wildlife harmful impacts that are sure to ensue if offshore windfarms come to Delaware.

We need a groundswell of beach residents to display Protect our Coast yard signs and flags for the entire month of February while the mayors of Bethany Beach and South Bethany lead the charge to vote YES to accept hush money from foreign owned US Wind. If you or a friend live in Bethany or South Bethany, email to receive a Protect Our Coast flag and/or yard sign. Save our whales, our marine life, our way of life! They need you!

Letter to the Editor:
I did some research on the proposed windmill projects. First U.S. wind is not an American company, it is foreign owned, based in Italy. Orstead is a Danish Company. There is nothing preventing these companies form selling to the Chinese or Russians. The height of the proposed windmills will be 1,065 feet, almost as tall as the Empire State Building. The proposal is for 114 windmills over hundreds of square miles of ocean. The construction of these windmills will require pounding into the ocean floor most likely causing aquatic life to leave or die. The windmills, when constructed will develop a harmonic resonance that will also effect wildlife, not to mention magnetic fields that will be generated after construction. The proposed windmills have not been tested in hurricane waters, it is estimated that they will not withstand a Cat 3 hurricane or larger. if this happens, Who on cleans up the mess? Windmills must be lubricated.
They require anywhere between 80 to 900 gallons of oil each, depending on manufacturer's specifications. The oil mist be changed every 500 hours or annually depending on specifications. incidentally it will take about 18,857 gallons of fuel oil to construct one windmill. plus, if 114 windmills are constructed it will require over 2 million gallons of fuel oil for service boats to service them annually. How about birds? it is estimated that windmills kill about 1.7 million birds a year [2020 stats]. It is 6 times more expensive to produce electricity on water, that it would cost on land.
The U.S Coast Guard has indicated that the proposed windmills will hinder water rescue in the operating area. The Armed forces have indicated that they would have a negative effect on RADAR for military as well as commercial airlines. Concerning construction, it is estimated that it would take about 850-900 cubic yards of concrete for a slab foundation for each structure, each footing will be 25-35 feet deep and be 14-16 feet in diameter. To maintain each windmill it will cost between 42-48 thousand dollars annually. it is feared that the horseshoe crab population will also be in jeopardy, horseshoe crabs are used in the medical field for research. We have already seen what happens to whales, the windmill people say the whale deaths were not their fault.
It is estimated that the windmills will cause a reduction in summer tourism, I believe that is one of our main industries. The U.S wind project will bring their power lines in to Delaware, however Delaware will not receive one electron of power from this project, it will all go to Maryland. I implore everyone to do some research on the proposed project, there is a lot to learn.

Author: Tom Molnar, Vice President, 38th District Republican Club, PAC

What Can Delaware Concerned Citizens Do To Stop US Wind?

  1. Call all voters who reside in Bethany Beach and South Bethany to inform them of the pro-turbine contract that the mayors and the beach town council members are contemplating accepting.

  2. Email the Bethany Beach and South Bethany Mayors. See emails here.

  3. Pick up a Protect Our Coast yard sign and flag, spread the word! Email to coordinate pick up or drop off.

  4. Plan to attend the next meeting of the 38th District Republican Club with featured speaker, Caesar Rodney Institute Director, David Stevenson, Monday, February 26th, South Coastal Library, Bethany Beach 6:30pm. Topic: US Wind offshore Wind Farm.

  5. Plan to attend the Town Hall Meeting on Offshore Wind with Senator Hocker and Representative Ron Gray, February 29th, 6:30 pm, Indian River High School.


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