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Valerie Jones Giltner

Wins the December 21, 2023 Special Election for DE Rep District 37 with 62.7% of votes cast.

Eric Hansen

U.S. Senate Candidate

People over politics.

My Delaware Pledge

Most Delawareans agree that “politicians don’t listen to people like me.” How can they when they hide in D.C. getting wined and dined by fat-cat lobbyists? It’s time to change that.

I pledge to keep my residence in Delaware, not D.C. My family will stay in Delaware, and I commit to commuting back home to Delaware every week. In addition, I commit to attending or hosting at least 100 events or town halls in Delaware. At these events, we can have honest discussions and then I will work to solve the problems. It doesn’t matter what party you identify with – I want to hear from you.

– Eric Hansen

Donyale Hall

U.S. Congress Candidate

It’s Time Hard Working Families Have a Seat at the Table.

So that ALL may prosper.


Delaware veteran and small business owner Donyale Hall officially announcing her candidacy for the Republican nomination for Congress.

“I certainly would love to be able to be a voice for those who feel marginalized, those are the people who are overlooked and forgotten, and I certainly have felt that way a great much of my life and my adult years growing up here in Delaware,” Hall explained. “I believe that I have the unique voice that will be able to articulate our truths to power.”

Bryant Richardson

DE Senate District 21 Incumbent

My commitment is to honor God, protect life and preserve liberty for as long as the great people of Delaware give me the honor to serve. For the past nine years, I’ve worked in the Senate to bring about changes to benefit the citizens of Delaware. In my service as Senator from the 21st district, I have:

  • Kept my promise to vote against tax increases.

  • Made protecting the 2nd amendment a priority.

  • Supported efforts to increase funding for police and corrections officers.

  • Voted for increased benefits for our veterans.

  • Passed legislation to combat human trafficking.

  • Authored a resolution to instruct our youth toward drug-free lifestyle choices.

  • Authored a bill to restrict the overreach of the governor following an emergency.

  • Obtained funding for the Home of Hope, an addiction rehab center for women.

  • Introduced Fairness in Women’s Sports legislation.

  • Introduced a US Energy Independence Resolution.

  • Fought for Parental Rights in education.            

  • Been a leading voice defending the dignity of life.

  • Supported legislation to protect children from abuse.

Valerie Jones Giltner

DE Rep District 37 Incumbent in 2024

My name is Valerie Jones Giltner. I am excited to be your State Representative and to continue the great legacy of public service that Rep. Briggs King has started. My commitment to you is to maintain her hard work ethic and community service for the people of the 37th District.

What are Valerie’s Priorities?

  • Strengthening Working Families

  • Protecting freedoms and limiting burdensome regulations

  • Safe and Secure classrooms

  • Improving healthcare for our communities

  • Ensuring government accountability and efficiency

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