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Valerie Jones Giltner

Wins the December 21, 2023 Special Election for DE Rep District 37 with 62.7% of votes cast.

Donald J. Trump

U.S. President Candidate

Our Mission to Make America Great Again

I left behind my former life because I could not sit by and watch career politicians continue bleeding this country dry and allow other nations to take advantage of us on trade, borders, foreign policy, and national defense. As President, I took on every powerful special interest, fixing globalist trade deals, ending foreign wars, securing the border, and standing up to Big Pharma and China. Together, we put America First and returned power to the American People.

The corrupt government cartel is once again destroying our country. We are a nation that surrendered in Afghanistan, and allowed Russia to devastate Ukraine, China to threaten Taiwan, and Iran to build a nuclear weapon. We are a nation where free speech is no longer allowed, crime is rampant like never before, terrorists are invading our southern border, and the economy is in a recession. We are a nation that is hostile to liberty, freedom, and faith.


Our populist movement to Make America Great Again is the only force on earth that will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace. I will never stop fighting for you, the American People, against the failed political establishment. I take the slings and arrows for you so that we can have our country back. Together, we will finish the job of saving our country once and for all and raise the next generation of strong American Patriots and Leaders.

Eric Hansen

U.S. Senate Candidate

People over politics.

My Delaware Pledge

Most Delawareans agree that “politicians don’t listen to people like me.” How can they when they hide in D.C. getting wined and dined by fat-cat lobbyists? It’s time to change that.

I pledge to keep my residence in Delaware, not D.C. My family will stay in Delaware, and I commit to commuting back home to Delaware every week. In addition, I commit to attending or hosting at least 100 events or town halls in Delaware. At these events, we can have honest discussions and then I will work to solve the problems. It doesn’t matter what party you identify with – I want to hear from you.

– Eric Hansen

Donyale Hall

U.S. House of Representatives Candidate

It’s Time Hard Working Families Have a Seat at the Table.

So that ALL may prosper.


Delaware veteran and small business owner Donyale Hall officially announcing her candidacy for the Republican nomination for Congress.

“I certainly would love to be able to be a voice for those who feel marginalized, those are the people who are overlooked and forgotten, and I certainly have felt that way a great much of my life and my adult years growing up here in Delaware,” Hall explained. “I believe that I have the unique voice that will be able to articulate our truths to power.”

Kim Hoey Stevenson

DE Senate District 6 Candidate

I'm honored to be your candidate for the 6th Senate District

Milton, Lewes, Rehoboth, Dewey Beach.


I'm a life-long Sussex Countian. I grew up in Milford with a soybean field as my front yard.


I am a nationally recognized award winning writer and journalist who specializes in feature writing, but I'm also a mother, daughter, wife, educator, small business owner, activist and public servant.


I especially like taking complex subjects, getting to the heart of what they are and presenting them in a way people can understand. To do that, you have to talk to people - even people you don't agree with.


It's the same approach I take to solving problems. Find out what the real problem is and propose a common sense solution.


I'm not afraid to ask difficult questions or ask for a little bit more than is expected.

Robert "Bob" Reed

DE Senate District 18 Candidate

I am a fiscal, social, and constitutional conservative who plans to make a difference, striving to initiate and vote for legislation which supports the following platform:


  • Support legislation, consistent with the Delaware Constitution and limit burdensome regulations such as mandating electric vehicles.

  • Initiate and support legislation for funding to improve traffic congestion and road repairs.                                               

  • Improve standards for education to ensure children are proficient in reading, writing and math. Protect the rights of citizens to choose private and home school education for their children.

  • Ensure citizens have access to quality low-cost healthcare by repealing the existing state regulation for Certificate of Need, which hinders healthcare providers from providing new healthcare services reducing patient wait times at facilities.


There are many concerns of citizens regarding the direction the legislature has taken showing a lack of moral values and failing to adhere to the Delaware Constitution. I seek this position with enthusiasm, and it will be my pleasure to serve the citizens of Sussex and areas of Kent County.


Donations are appreciated and checks can be made payable to:

Friends of Bob Reed and mailed to 12249 Blanchard Road, Greenwood, DE. 19950


If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please contact me at (302) 542-5852 or by email at:

Bryant Richardson

DE Senate District 21 Incumbent

My commitment is to honor God, protect life and preserve liberty for as long as the great people of Delaware give me the honor to serve. For the past nine years, I’ve worked in the Senate to bring about changes to benefit the citizens of Delaware. In my service as Senator from the 21st district, I have:

  • Kept my promise to vote against tax increases.

  • Made protecting the 2nd amendment a priority.

  • Supported efforts to increase funding for police and corrections officers.

  • Voted for increased benefits for our veterans.

  • Passed legislation to combat human trafficking.

  • Authored a resolution to instruct our youth toward drug-free lifestyle choices.

  • Authored a bill to restrict the overreach of the governor following an emergency.

  • Obtained funding for the Home of Hope, an addiction rehab center for women.

  • Introduced Fairness in Women’s Sports legislation.

  • Introduced a US Energy Independence Resolution.

  • Fought for Parental Rights in education.            

  • Been a leading voice defending the dignity of life.

  • Supported legislation to protect children from abuse.

Nikki Miller

DE House of Representatives
District 20 Candidate

Dr. Nikki Miller, a respected Sussex County educator and former Principal of Cape Henlopen High School, filed as a Republican candidate this afternoon for the Delaware State House of Representatives District 20, which includes Milton, Lewes, and surrounding areas. Dr. Miller is a trusted advocate for children and families, and is dedicated to the concerns and needs of all Cape Region residents.


"I am a mom and lifelong educator who cares strongly about the health and wellness of all families, especially our children and seniors. If elected, I will serve humbly as a responsible and responsive representative putting the needs of the Cape Region first," Dr. Miller said in a statement.


She and her family live in Milton. A formal and public campaign kickoff will be held in the spring.

Patrick Smith

DE House of Representatives
District 36 Candidate

Patrick is a proud American running to serve The People of the 36th District in the House of Representatives.


The 36th District is a coastal region located in Sussex County, Delaware - robust with farmland and coastline. Towns in the 36th include Milford, Lincoln, Ellendale, Cedar Neck, Broadkill Beach, Slaughter Beach, and bits of Milton.


Delaware needs more vocal and visible Republicans to step to the forefront and lead instead of wavering on our fundamental values. In a district chock-full of great conservative citizens it is imperative the representation be matched!

Valerie Jones Giltner

DE House of Representatives
District 37 Incumbent

My name is Valerie Jones Giltner. I am excited to be your State Representative and to continue the great legacy of public service that Rep. Briggs King has started. My commitment to you is to maintain her hard work ethic and community service for the people of the 37th District.

What are Valerie’s Priorities?

  • Strengthening Working Families

  • Protecting freedoms and limiting burdensome regulations

  • Safe and Secure classrooms

  • Improving healthcare for our communities

  • Ensuring government accountability and efficiency

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